in recognition of pop-rock princess, fefe dobson

spotify playlist of musical references from episode (includes godmothers of rock and roll, 2003 bangers, and fefe highlights)

ripping off black music (margo jefferson for harper’s, 1973)

how rock and roll became white (jack hamilton for slate, 2016)

fefe dobson is ready to let it all out again (katherine newman-bremang for refinery29, 2021)

what happened to fefe dobson (for nylon, 2020)

fefe on the brandon gonez show (2022, where she reveals her song “joy” is about penis)

fefe on persis abraham show (2022, where she is asked about being a queer icon)

fefe on erica james show (2022)

fefe on name 3 songs podcast (2021)

fefe on bunnie xo show (2019)

demi lovato tweet

vibe article on fefe and yelawolf’s wedding

sza has always been alternative, you just haven’t been listening (alt press, 2023)

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