blu cantrell deep dive

blu’s horizons (women’s wear daily, august 2001)

lady may “round up” buzz single (mtv, may 2002)

blu cantrell interview in 2003

blu cantrell interview with wendy williams (2003)

blu cantrell’s breathless confessions (the guardian, september 2003)

blu cantrell’s boyfriend stabbing (october, 2003)

blu cantrell: i’ll bare my soul if i want to (november, 2003)

blu cantrell: the q interview (november 2003)

cantrell’s in blu heaven (manchester evening standard, august 2004)

reliving the celebrity circus with blu cantrell (june 2008)

formspring 1 2 3

blu cantrell to return with new album (december 2011)

blu cantrell: real knowledge, real emotion, real talent straight to your ear & heart (september 2012)

blu cantrell talks music hiatus and new music (september 2012)

blu cantrell says r&b these days is played out and ridiculous (the music, 2016)

blu cantrell talks music in 2019, modern feminism, and more in new interview (hit up ange, july 2019)

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